She got bike-



I was so impressed with the organization of the entire She Got Bike event. The day was perfect! Weather was great and all the riders were so positive. I loved attending last year but this year was even better.


I helped with the 56 mile ride and found there were many strong women and a nice mix of beginners and seasoned riders too. Everyone was very nice and I only heard positive things such as, “Wow what a beautiful ride, I love this event, great rest stops, the support is wonderful.”


I had to come back early from the ride to set up my Total Performance Inc. table and found help from women I didn’t even know. As the day progressed and everyone was finishing their rides I had swarms of eager girls at my Total Performance Inc. table. Some came over to just chat and many were interested in the VO2 max testing and coaching I offer. It was great to have the sign up sheet for the women’s triathlon camps that we are organizing for March and April 2009. I filled up two sheets with emails which motivates me to put a lot of energy into the Women’s only camps.


The food was great , especially the cake, and the fashion show and music were fun to watch and listen to as we all conversed about the day.


I would definitely recommend the She got bike event to women who cycle at any level. It is a great ride out in Baltimore county and provides a wonderful experience where one can meet new people and find out more about the different vendors. Joe’s bike shop, Life Strength Physical Therapy as well as many other great people were there to share their services and help all the participants.