It is day 3 of being in China and the island of Haikou is so beautiful.  We are finally getting used to the time change which is a 12 hour difference from Baltimore, MD.  I am staying with my client and friend Todd Crandell who started racing for recovery and will be competing in the race with me this weekend.  Clay Blair is also staying with us and will be doing the race.  Clay is a friend of Todds and was supposed to do IM Arizona this past weekend but like me Todd talked him into China.  We rode our bikes today and the sun was so strong Todd and I got sun burn already!  The conditions look to be very harsh with the heat andwind but it will be very exciting.  This morning after breakfast Todd and I were interviewed by the China TV stations and it was so fun!  We are talking to all our friends and family through Skype which is so cool because we can let everyone know whats going on each day.  We are trying to relax a little so we are well rested for the race but it is hard not to enjoy the beautiful island.  It is the hawaii of China as the race site calls it and that is pretty accurate from what I have seen so far.  tomorrow we check in for the race and things will really start to go by quickly and before you know it we will be out there racing.  I can’t wait to do this and I am excited for Todd and Clay as well.  I also can’t wait to share the exciting experience and pictures with my family, friends and clients.  My friend Kristin set this up for me to share with everyone because she is so awesome!  Kristen is the best and she has supported me even when I decide to do something like go to china:) It is hard for some people to understand the time commitment the sport takes but Kristin has never questioned it once and only said positive things about what I do and that is why she is such a wonderful person and such a great friend.