Thanks for all the great comments. It is so nice to have my friends and family send me messages. I appreciate all of you and I can’t wait to till race day so I can use all your support for energy to go fast. We checked in today for the race which made it more real so I am getting a little nervous but all is good. We swam in the China sea and the water temp. was comfortable and it looks like it will be a wetsuit swim. I have met so many great people here and today Clay and I ate some local food and hung out downtown with the locals a little. It was very different and fun and we definitely stuck out. I felt like I got a little piece of the culture today and I have so many photos to share. I will upload them on the team krista live site when I get back. My client and friend Todd is still having trouble getting used to the 12 hour time change but we still have til sunday. This race is gonna rock!

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