Krista race picture at Columbia TriathlonDo you want to get fit?

Are you struggling to get into shape?

What ever it is you are trying to achieve making a change that will stick takes the same steps.

Here are 3 Simple Steps to get “Fit”

1. Determine a goal

What is it you want to achieve through fitness?  Weight loss, health, speed, all of the above?  What ever your goal may be start with one in mind, make it specific then write it down and pick a date so you can work backwards to develop your plan.  Make sure your goal is practical, enjoyable and achievable.  A coach can help you with determining appropriate goals, planning and workouts.

2. Find a workout partner

Pick one person  or a group you can depend on to be there with you when you workout and who has a similar fitness level and goals. Making a commitment to someone else other than ourselves can help motivate us to simply show up and get it done.

3. Make small changes in your nutrition

Dieting and working out do not mix well.  Naturally you will burn more calories when you increase your effort level but you also need the proper fuel. The key to achieving more energy, weight loss and speed from nutrition is to add in healthy choices such as plant based foods.  Fruits and veggies provide us with phytonutrients to protect our immune systems, fuel our engines and provide fiber to keep the heart healthy.  Eating healthier foods more often will teach us to avoid the processed, refined, trans fats and other prepacked and preserved choices that cause us gastrointestinal distress and ruin our metabolism.

If you can stick with small additions to your lifestyle such as going to one workout class a week and/or eating a salad every night for dinner then you are on the right track.  Avoid people who try and sabotage your healthy patterns by not being supportive.

Remember the 3 simple steps to get “fit” and after 21 days of some good habits you will have created a lifestyle change that you can build upon.

Have fun and be healthy!