BY: Catherine Goodrum- Newbie triathlete

2 hr. ride this past Sunday…a beautiful, sunny day but the temperature was around 54 degrees when we departed the house so I decided to ride in a variety of (new) cold weather clothing armour. This was the first time I’d ever worn thick full-finger gloves (and other misc. warmers/covers). We got about 5 miles from home and were enjoying a nice downhill when my watch timer went off for water so I figured it was time to learn to drink on a hill as I tend to skip nutrition on the ups and downs and after my experience at the Rappahannock Rough Ride (where the hills just kept coming), I was aware of how important regular hydration is.

hhmmm, forgot to open the spigot on the Camelbak beforehand…no problem I thought as I reached and turned it with my new ‘monster glove’. Next thing I knew I was taking a bath. I’d pulled the end cap off and at least 20 oz of water poured down my jacket (not waterproof) and legs before I figured out that A) I needed to stop and B) if I held the hose up and in my mouth I could temporarily stop the flow of rushing water!

My husband no doubt wanted to laugh hysterically but didn’t and was kind enough to travel back and find the end piece for me. Nothing too eventful occurred after that. I did however get a one-legged, belly glimpse of what it’s like to ride when wet and cold.