Run Galesburg Run Half Marathon 2015 Race Report


krista schultz and dave dunnDave Dunn, my amazing long time friend and Run Galesburg Run producer, picked David, Twix (our doggie) and I up from the airport. I was excited to see Dave and always love visiting Galesburg. This would be my 3rd year racing the event in its four years of existence. Continue reading

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Trip to New Orleans and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

10924702_689235611194118_6277466756188602346_nMy visit to New Orleans last weekend was AWESOME! I stayed with my best friend, Kristin, who took care of me from the moment I arrived. I met Kristin in high school and she has been there for me ever since and is simply the best! The icing on the cake was that I ran my fastest half marathon ever – 1:33:37. Continue reading

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CCS Learns 7 Daily Nutrition Habits For a Better Body

photo4“If you believe you can change – if you make it a habit – the change becomes real.” ― Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

On the evening of July 16th I had the pleasure of visiting Collegiate Coaching Services (CCS) and discussing nutrition habits with some of the staff and their clients. Continue reading

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Golden Leaf Half Marathon

10562651_10152707060207356_7844376899969067044_oThe Golden Leaf Half Marathon is the most beautiful and  TOUGHEST half marathon (13.1 miles) I have ever done!

Friends and clients, Barb and Tracy, were on their 5th year of entering the event. They always raved about this beautiful and challenging race and I wanted to share in the experience. Plus it would be my first trail race.

Barb alerted me on the day we needed to sign up because they race fills up very quickly. She described the course as technical and hilly with gorgeous views. Continue reading

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My Luray Triathlon 2014 Race Report

About the Luray Triathlon

View along the Luray Triathlon bike course

Luray Triathlon is the perfect event from beginner to  advanced triathletes. The course is beautiful and hilly. The views are breathtaking and the mix of hills, false flats and straightaways keep the bike and run exciting.

The race is  family and spectator friendly and you can camp at the race site (Lake Arrowhead Park). Continue reading

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Barb’s Race at Vineman: July, 26th, 2014

Greta and Krista

“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way.”

Vineman/Barb’s Race is my favorite half Ironman distance event! This year marked the 25th anniversary of Vineman. The race director, Russ Pugh, hosted a nice wine and cheese ceremony to celebrate the history of Vineman a few days before the race. A few of the past winners including Brad Rex said a few words about the race and then they played a great slide show with highlights from past years. It was neat to see my husband David, Brad and all the amazing athletes who had won Vineman in the slide show! Continue reading

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30 Minute Workout to Maintain Strength and Prevent Injury

“Fifty percent of triathletes sustained an injury in the 6-month preseason… Thirty-seven percent were injured during the 10-week competition season.” – Burns, et al.

Injured Triathlete

Injuries are common with endurance athletes including triathletes, runner and cyclists. These sports require that repetitive movements are performed in the same plane of motion and can cause strength imbalances.

How do we prevent strength imbalances so that we can keep progressing in our sports?

The answer is through regular strength training and choosing the appropriate exercises.

Below is a simple strength program that can be done on easy endurance workout days. Shoot for 2-3 days a week.  I recommend doing the exercises before or after your workout for good time management. The entire routine takes about 30 min and you will need a foam roller and exercise cord or band.

Continue reading

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Run Galesburg Run Race Report + 3 Training Tips

Run Galesburg Run Half Marathon

Run Galesburg Run StartOn June 1st I lined up with the other runners at The Cottage Hospital Half Marathon in Galesburg, Illinois. I had some time goals and hoped to place well in the women’s field.

I love this race, mainly because my very good friends organize the event but also because it is very well run and a fun time. The after race party and after after race party is AMAZING!!!

There is also a 5k and a 1 mile fun run so anyone can participate. Continue reading

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My 2014 Race Schedule

What are your goal races this year?

Getting ready for a run!

Ernest Hemingway said, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

In 2013 I had some fun events! Race trips were not just about competing but enjoying time with friends. Continue reading

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The Seven Guidelines for “Your Best Diet”

What should I eat to improve body composition and gain energy?

2012-11-16 18.03.08

If you are asking yourself this question or similar ones about nutrition you may be looking for “Your Best Diet.”

What is “The Best Diet?” The answer is, it depends…. The best diet is different for everyone based on their goals, health status and accessible foods.

Marketing material, doctors, trainers, coaches, nutritionists and peers may all give you conflicting advice.

So, where to begin? Continue reading

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